Eileen Thompson

Eileen is part of Team Tuesday together with Nikki, and uses her experience as a children’s entertainer to put smiles on the faces of patients.

Eileen enjoys keeping fit and has completed six Great North Runs with a fastest time of 1hr 50min. She also loves going on long walks, attends a gym three times a week and still does a bit of running.

Eileen loves to meet people, and says that working for DHR is great; we get to chat to the patients and cheer them up.

When it comes to music, Eileen enjoys anything from the 1970s up to the present day and is impressed by the choice of music at DHR.

Eileen presents a show for the children on the Treetops ward every Friday afternoon from 2pm – 3pm. The children love her cheeky puppets and walkaround characters  Freddie the Frog and Rosie the Rabbit.

Eileen also does the Glam Rock Granny Show, every Saturday night at 8pm.