John Middleton

John lived in Belgium, London and Oxford before returning to his native County Durham to teach.

He lives with his wife, their children, cat, and his laptop.

Once he had settled back in the North-East, he discovered DHR in 2004 and quickly signed up for the Friday night team. On Sunday mornings John hosts the Eclectic Music Show or Best Years of our Lives programme.

In the 2008/09 Premiership Season,  John brought DHR “as-live” commentary from The Stadium of Light. A scary experience for a Magpie! This led to commentary from St James’ Park and a couple of TV appearances! Listen from 8pm for commentary of home matches on match days.

In his spare time, John loves football, quizzes, TV and, of course, music. He enjoys meeting the patients, and was once forced by some to dance and sing on Ward 5!

John has a loud laugh and can even be heard through the complex sound-proofing of Studio 1! Without him the Friday Crew would not have their weekly biscuits….