National Hospital Radio Awards 2019: winners

Didn’t we do well at the National Hospital Radio Awards in Stoke on Trent!

We won an amazing three awards:

Bronze Award for Best Female Presenter: Eileen Thompson

The judges described Eileen as someone with a really nice voice, clear, warm and smiley. One said “she made me smile, I really liked her. Good content too”.

Silver Award for Station of the Year: Durham Hospitals Radio

The judges felt this entry demonstrated hospital radio at its authentic best. A thoroughly listenable station with relaxed, engaging and fittingly mature presentation. A feel-good and listener-focused offering.

Our chairman, Terry Clough won the John Witney Award.

This award celebrates an outstanding contribution, by an individual, to hospital radio over a period of years. Terry has been involved in hospital radio for over 50 years. Indeed, he joined Durham Hospitals Radio in its inaugural year and has seen it go from a record player, pushed around the wards on a trolley, to a 24-hour operation.

As chairman, he’s been described as being crucial – at times of crisis, forever seeking solutions to problems…no matter how big…including, at one stage, working hard to resolve an issue that put the very future of the station into doubt.He’s a true community helper, who remains fully committed to, not only his station, but also the listeners and fellow volunteers. He’s described as a true rock with a real passion for hospital radio. Hospital Radio runs through his blood – it’s almost as if he was born to do it.

From left to right: John Middleton, Eileen Thompson, Terry Clough and Tony Taulbut