Roland Robinson

Roland is a retired MH nurse and is part of the Wednesday evening team, as well as having his own show on a Tuesday morning. Roland also has a folk show on Saturday at 6pm.

His all time favourite album is Paul Simon’s Graceland and his favourite groups are the Happy Cats (a local folk group), The Dunwells, Alistair Griffin and the now defunct New Rope String Band.

Roland is passionate about real musicians and supports anyone who’s a genuine musician.

“My most memorable moment while collecting requests on the wards has to be a 93 year old lady who I engaged by trying my usual trick of guessing her musical preferences” he says. I suggested the Ink Spots, Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. All were wrong so I eventually gave in and asked her to tell me who she would like to hear. Her reply was Led Zeppelin! She then went on the name Whole Lotta Love and The Lemon Song. The moral of the story is, never judge a book by its cover….